Thursday, January 11, 2018

Operations update.

In the past 6 months several changes have been adopted with a couple more to come. As some members may have missed being at the meeting went they were talked about they will be listed here. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please let me know or bring it up at a meeting.
-Wellington yard tracks sorted into car types. Note we have 11 and only 8 tracks.
-sawdust cars, only go to Wood Mosaic and the Sawmill and are only used with branch line trains.
-gravel hoppers are all brown and loaded with gravel and only go to Oxford Sand and Gravel, Schell Industry, and the gravel dock and are also only moved on branch line trains.
-switching like for like, as in 2 box cars for 2 box cars. This should mean your consist will remain the same from the start to the finish of your run.
-forwarding is simply reusing the cars in your train over and over again. The quantity of cars in a train only needs to equal the highest quantity listed on it's cards for each car type.
-Elsewhere will be divided into 2 equal yards and will be a non switching yard.
-branch line trains are made up in Elsewhere, switching in Herons Landing and the branch line only. They have a combination caboose and passenger car and stop at all stations on their route. The train from Elsewhere is dropped in the Ortona yard with it's cards. Yesterday's train is picked up with it's cards and and switched on it's way to Elsewhere.
-coal train will be run with on a train order with all the switching moves listed. This requires it to be turned on the lower loop and switches in both direction.  If this train order is adopted all the main line hoppers will be stored in sidings, 16 in all and it brings our car types in the Wellington yard down to 8.
Problems, what if you cannot switch like for like. Get the required car from Wellington or don't switch that card?
How do you keep your consist the same if we keep the Lincoln Switcher?  Remember non switching Elsewhere requires a stable consist.  Do we set up a small yard, give the Lincoln  cards from each departing train to the switcher so they can be switched ahead of time, or discontinue the Switcher?

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