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Saturday, July 23, 2016

All-inclusive Membership Pt.2

This is Ruby, a very recent addition to our membership
who, with her husband Leo, has jumped right into the thick of operating freight trains on our layout. Here she is operating an Intermountain CN locomotive heading up a freight from Wellington yard through the high line above Heron's Landing on July 19, 2016

This is Ruby's husband Leo checking the switch points
on the high line to make sure that her train goes down the right rail line. Ruby holds her Digitrax controller at the ready to start up her train when Leo is satisfied that all is well.

I couldn't resist adding this shot as Trent gets his long train rerailed while Rown and Grampa's Rock Island loco and Glen's CNR Geep wait patiently yet again for Trent to clear Springbank yard. Taylor, take notes!!

All inclusive Membership Pt.1

Here's Rowan and Grampa on Tuesday night, July 19; fairly recent additions to our layout membership. Rowan runs Grampa's locomotives while Grampa works hard at keeping speed and direction within reasonable bounds.

This is Tate, another junior engineer running his CSX "special" out of Wellington yard. Initially under mother Colleen's supervision and sometimes dad's, Tate has been with us for a while and can now switch on his own with the best of us. Both Tate and Rowan need to stand on plastic crates to see the action but this hasn't slowed them down any.  

Trent has added another recent new member by bringing girlfriend Taylor with him. She is actively learning the operational ropes of model railroading and recently bought a Windsor H.O. layout which the seller delivered to her. She is not afraid to ask questions of any of us about all facets of model railroading. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Work night

There were 3 guests show up last night, all had just moved to Woodstock, and we're quite interested in our club. The meeting was held while I was showing our layout to Joseph, so I missed it. The only work done was some industries had signs added and the coaling tower was worked on. Our guests were given the opportunity to operate trains and help with switching duties.