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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

April update

 Most of the track is ballasted and track clean up continues. Everything but the turntable in Dover is wired and working. Although some scenery is down, there is a lot more to do. Even thought the layout if far from being completed, we will be open from 11 to 4 on May 1st, during the Woodstock Train Show. Our building it to the west of the Casino. 

Drop in and see our layouts. The main HO layout has over 400 feet of mainline.  We also have a 23 foot On30 shelf layout, a small HO DC layout and have started a 2 x 8 foot N scale layout. There may be a couple of displays also. Hope too see you there.

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Friday April 1st

 All but the light over the DC, HO scale railroad, have had the diffusers remove, creating a much brighter layout. There is only a few more flip cards to be added, and throttle holders were put up in high traffic areas.

By adding some more hoppers, that were previously used to haul gravel, to the unit trains we now have 2, 10 car trains, 1 empty and one loaded. There still needs to be cars with horn hooks at 1 end and kadees at the other made. Flip cards still are needed for the single hoppers of coal loads.

In a couple of weeks the backdrop painting should be complete, at which point all the background building flats and pictures can be permanently installed. 

Almost all of the Wellington division's mainline is ballasted, but there is a lot of the darker ballast to be put down on the Elsewhere division's mainline and many sidings and yards.

Power and a control switch still needs to be installed for the turnout at the log pond.

Friday, April 1, 2022

March meeting

 Treasurers report accepted as read. We agreed that if a member joins the club, the fee will be pro rated at $20 a month plus $25 for insurance.

Our working  hours are Tuesday and Fridays 1 to 3 and Sunday morning. Tuesday nights 7 to 9 are running nights.
We will be open, to the public, from 11am to 4pm on May 1st while the Woodstock Train Show is on.
It was decided not to paint the fascia for now, but holders for controllers, in heavy traffic areas, should be added. Exposed floor tiles will be removed, for safety, and we took off the florescent light diffusers for more light.

The coal, unit trains will have a center section of cars with horn hook couplers until we have time to put on kadees.

Mike brought in his scratch built engine for us to see.

The Newfoundland Railroad had its first run, but scenery is still on going.

An uninvited Hobo, was found riding the rails.