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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff, May 31, 2017

Everyone wishing Doug a speedy recovery. Planning started for work night. Sunday morning we will start moving the power supply for the quad units and test them out. The first test will be the quarter test to see if each section of each quad unit kicks out like it should. We will also check the settings for the response time to a short. Hoping that will resolve our problems.
Working the ore train. 

Another delivery to ADM

No drop offs in Springbank for this freight.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff May 16, 2017

Our Wellington dispatcher had been busy marshaling trains by the time we arrived..  Even though the system was causing problems, operators kept the Trains rolling.  As a result of these ongoing problems work night on June 6th  will focus on the system problems. We will move the power supply for the quad units closer to them. This should help with low power to some sections. We will look at all the rail gaps and correct any problems. Some of the quads are not shorting out like they should and may not be set correctly. If the above remedies do not resolve the problems we will swap out our spare quad unit and move the new Booster around to the various quads and perform diagnosis on each quad.
Trains sitting ready in Wellington. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff May 9, 2017.

Barb it is easy to see your cookies were a hit as they all disappeared.  My third train of the night was to switch Wellington and the industrial run around and switching leads worked well. I switched 3 industries as mainline trains moved in and out of the main yard at the same time. Other areas were busy as both freight and passenger train crews worked their jobs.

Switching the power plant.

Crews switching Springbank as a train rolls by on the lower mainline. 

Lincoln is always busy.

Cars being sorted in the storage yard.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Easy, weighted lumber loads.

First 11, Wood Strips 1/8 inch square were cut 24 HO scale feet long. Then 14 pieces about 1/4 inches long were cut from the same material.  A 1/8 inch by 1 1/8 inch piece of basswood was cut into 24 HO  scale feet long, 2 are pieces are needed. These were  then notched every 1/8 inch on each end to simulate the ends of a layer of timbers. Glue was applied to 1 side of a solid piece and 2 full length timbers were layed on top separated at each end by 7 short pieces, creating a cavity in the center. Flat lead was then cut to fit in the cavity. Glue was applied and the other solid piece was put on top. To finish the top of the timber pile 9 full pieces were glued on. This was then clamped and left to dry. The sides and top of the pile were also notched with a fine blade on a scroll saw making it look like 2 stacks of 11 X 11 inch timbers 12 feet long. The load was tied on top of a 30 foot flat car with black fishing line.

Various wood pieces and lead cut to fit.

First part of the pocket assembled.

The stack clamped to dry.

Cutting notches on the scroll saw.

Tieing the load on.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Huff and Puff News, May, 2, 2017

After a long investigation into irratic train behavior on the mainline route, east and west of Lincoln, investigators are closing in on the Gremlin, inside sources tell us. Pinkerton's top investigator Sparky, has made a shocking discovery. Electric power on this route has a much lower reading of 19 volts instead of the expected 24 volts. Sparky believes it is one of the Transformer Gang and has a lead on a suspect. The removal of the suspect, who's output is questionable,  may take place as early as next week, stay tuned. Even with this troublesome behavior trains were busy moving cargo.
Switching at Jutland 

Ore train waits for clearance.