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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

Work crew hard at work. All of Miller was taken down. All but the top of the logging line remove and most of the bench work removed. All of the backgrounds behind Miller were also removed. The next step is to clean up the mess and start rebuilding. We should have a quick discussion about the idea of lowering the coal mine and Mutual Grain to the lower mainline level as this will impact the benchwork levels going forward. We will also need to decide on what we will use for the base for the track, as we need to know how thick it will be.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

A few members ran on the mainline while others continued with the dismantling of the branchline. There is only so much room to work in the area so not everyone is needed. I spent an hour showing a couple that Glen had talked to at one of his presentations. They were very interested in the layout and it's operation. Meanwhile the crew removed most of the track, remaining scenery and the Wye. We decided to remove the rock wall and black trestle so the logging line can be rerouted and graded.

Monday, May 13, 2019

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Tomorrow's Questions

The logging line space impacts the benchworks width below it. And although the removal of the black trestle and locating the track back towards the wall does help more could be done. So do we -
- leave it as it is, reducing construction time and mess
- make 1 longer logging train, moving it between the then empty log pond and the spar tree, and remove 1 siding at the spar tree (This will impact the length of the 3 passing sidings, which is not a problem)

Considering the answer to the above questions, do we
- build new benchwork in front of the rock walls, reducing construction time and dust
- try to cut out the rock walls to the height of the new benchwork and re-use it between the 2 levels of the new mainlines, where necessary
What's your thoughts? E mail me and I will post them under a post titled Answers to the questions.

Today's Questions.

These are in fact planning questions.
The current practice is to just swap the 2 ore drags. This movement can cause delays on the mainline in Jutland, not a serious problem right now. With the ore mine being moved, with Ralph's permission, to Northdale it may cause mainline delays there as well. So to lessen this problem do we -
- put 2 sidings at the ore mine
- make 1 longer (With only free moving wheels and properly weighted cars) ore train, and move it between the then empty sidings at Jutland and Northdale drastically reducing mainline waits at both towns

With the above mentioned in mind, as planned, the mainline town of Northdale has only a station and the ore mine as destinations. There will be a passing track for the ore mine and station stops and another between Northdale and Lincoln, which helps with traffic between these towns. So do we -
- leave it as above
- try to put in 1 or 2 industries such as a 3 car team track or a 2 car freight house
Any thoughts? E mail me and I will post them under a post titled Answers to the questions.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Concept for the town of Miller

Being tucked back in a corner doesn't mean Miller has to be meek. The branch line making a big left turn into Miller leaves a large enough  space behind it for the  sawmill and switching it from both ends solves any reaching for turnout throws, problems. Having the turnout for Ol King Coal come off the higher logging line allows for a coaling dock and requires a longer switching move, increasing the visual size of Miller. There is even room for La France. A turntable is another necessity in this end of the branchline town, turning both logging and branchline engines as required. City Service Oil and a Freight Station round out the branchline customers and add variety to the rolling stock requirements for Miller. A printed city background across from the station adds to the illusion of a bustling city at the end of a branchline.

The length of this branch helps reduce the grade up the logging line. The run around at the log pond allows you to push the log cars up the grade to the run around at the station. From there the log cars are pushed up to the last run around at the logging camp. There the last of 3 run around maneuvers is completed to push the log cars up to the spar tree. All of which will be repeated on the trip down to the sawmill. These maneuvers are required by safety rules which state "The engine must be on the down hill end of the log train to prevent run aways".
Of course this is only a concept drawing. It positions buildings away from turnouts, it suggests a starting point for the track and benchwork. It estimates elevations and says things like "If there is a stream there needs to be a valley for it and a trestle (I love long, curved trestles) for the track". I actually think it should be pushed back from the trestle towards the wall. And the biggest  'of course ' of all, this will be the last section to be built. I could start on some trestle bents though.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday prep work

John, David and I started the prep phase.
All of the buildings, and scenic material was removed from Miller and Northdale.  All the Branchline specific rolling stock and cards moved into the office racks. The rest of the rolling stock was put in the yard at Wellington, the yard is quite full. The DCC power to the branchline was unhooked. Curtains were taken down at Miller. All of the above material was put in crates and stored under Springbank. So we don't need any boxes for storage. We do need some garbage bags.
 There are 9 mainline trains set up for next Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Meeting night at the Huff and Puff

After discussing the merits of Mike's plan and how we can leave Lincoln intact for most of the time, to accommodate mainline running, it was approved in concept.
The project 9 steps will be listed in full so all who want can join in the fun. As the mainline will remain functioning there is no deadline for completion.
In brief the steps will follow this outline.
- Remove everything loose, from the branchline
- dismantle any branch line trains and store branch line specific rolling stock.
- remove and clean branchline track
- dismantle Miller
- dismantle the Wye
- remove and save backgrounds as necessary
- rework logging line in this area (past the spar tree)
- determine grade of new upper mainline and build new benchwork for it as far as possible
- track and wire upper mainline as far as possible
- determine grade of new lower mainline and build new benchwork for it as far as possible incorporating Ortona cupboard
- track and wire lower mainline as far as possible
- move Lincoln and connect it up
- rework east end yard throat in Springbank and connect upper and lower mainlines
- rework mine end of Springbank and connect it up
- test new trackwork
- construction of new benchwork for Lakeview area
- add trackwork and gravel dock
- install log pond and sawmill
- install turntable
- install trackwork in Miller and switchback to logging line
- complete backdrops
- paint facial
- finish up scenery
- clean up
- replace rolling stock
- create new delivery cards
- enjoy improved layout

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

Everyone was happy to hear Glen was transferred back to Woodstock and is on the recovery road.
Lots of show and tell last night. Mike brought in his beautiful garden railroad locomotive, I will let the picture tell the story. Let me tell you the detail is amazing.

David brought in samples of his printed boats. Water line lobster boat, the Orca from Jaws and a pocket sub, plus 2 zodiac with outboards. Really nice.