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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Construction milestone.

 We are at various stages of construction, on 4 layouts, in 3 different scales. Of course the, HO scale, main layout is by far the largest covering an area of 23 feet by 50 feet. The On30 scale layout has legs 13 feet and 10 feet long. 

The On30 scale,  Newfoundland Railroad has had a harbour and fascia added, also all the track has been laid and wired. The little DC, HO scale, layout is wired and running and has some scenery added, work on the N scale railroad continues.

The main layout has some more scenery added and a few of the flip cards have been mounted on the facia. Now that all but 1 piece of the fascia has been installed, any gaps between the fascia and the foam are being filled in.

Meeting night is next Tuesday, a financial report, fascia colour, results of the last train show sales, items for sale, and if we will be open for the May 1st, Woodstock Train Show, will be some of the topics.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

March update on the Rec Hall Railroad

 With all the elements of the electronics in place, the curtains were hung and the fascia was installed. 

Scenery has been started along with ballasting. Nice to be starting this stage.

The backdrop also needs to be touched up. In this close up, a picture, a house, barn and cows has been painted into the scene. 

Our flip card system is up and has been tried out by some members.