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Friday, July 13, 2018

This Week at the Layout

Larry was not available on Tuesday evening with a grand daughter's birthday party at his house. That's a higher priority for a grand dad. It was a fairly busy evening and we had a visitor; semi retired Dr.Neal who inherited some O gauge equipment from his late brother who was a model railroader. We toured him around the layout and answered questions that showed he knew more than a little bit about railroading in general. He chatted with Don S. about sharing a table and selling his equipment at the next train show. Jim F. and Ralph T.
appeared carrying the big bridge from Don P's former layout and stowing it underneath the layout. For those who never saw Don's layout, this is the bridge taken from one end.  Very impressive indeed!!  We would have to do major surgery to fit
it into our layout but never say never. Dave H. arrived, sure that he had his engine ready to go this time but the gremlins continued to plague. 
Friday operations continued despite heat and humidity. Actually, it wasn't too bad with a nice breeze thanks to the open back door and windows. Tom S and trainee Tyler appeared with Don P. in tow and a quiet afternoon of running was had by all. No one is saying anything but at one point a multi-unit O & W consist dropped the lead engine into the turntable pit while the engineer was on break. Jim L. is in Grimsby, trying to spur on some engine mods and Cliff is busy with another big auto demolition deal over near Breslau. 
Don P. is still trying to decide on another layout and mused today about doing a shelf switching operation in O gauge. I came across the following article recently comparing the most common model railroad gauges so thought I would include it here. It runs from G scale like Rick O. has through to Z scale suitable for a coffee table layout. There are numerous additional gauges not shown here like Don S's HoN3 and TT smaller than Z scale. 



Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Meeting night.

We had our meeting and then went right to operating. Topics included, financial report, push button turnouts are causing problems, a fix will be discussed later. Topics not discussed, rolling stock being left on a siding derailed, during the next meeting deciding when to have a work night and what work will be done, after a car is worked on put a stick on dot on the bottom of it so we know if it has been worked on before and how many times and if the bottom is full of dots it's time to get rid of it. Donald did prep some feeder wires for the nextwork night.