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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tuesday Oct. 21, update

Back to the Tuesday night schedule, that is to say Sunday mornings will sporadic until May. We had a junior come back (he was at our open house) with a CN snowplow. I hooked up my engine to it and let him run around the layout. We were asked if we plowed any snow, to which I replied, "Do you see any snow on the tracks? I guess he did a good job", lol. We temporarily put up our new curtains for the show, like the green colour, good job Ralph. Bill has been the focus of a lot of good hearted ribbing about his collection of B&O equipment the best one was when a lost exacto knife was located and something was said about doing something about the B&O decals, hmmm, I can see some sort of payback in the future, all in good fun!
Hot dogs, hot dogs, fried onions please

curtains will look better when hung with care

Taylor runs a train

see I told you no snow on the rails

now that one pile of s--------!

just in time for Halloween

a meet on the bridge

new shanty, humm, blue and yellow?

nice old time passenger train

chemical train

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday Oct. 19th Open House

After taking in another great Woodstock train show, we headed up to the layout to prepare for the open house. The table skirting had arrived si we scrambled to attach it before any guests arrived. We had about thirty guests in all and they all seemed pleased. As expected, we did have a few glitches and derrailments, but all in all it was a success. Thanks to all who came and thoes that helped.

Green skirt looks good

a few guests

more guests

Saturday, October 18, 2014

WMRC Oct. 17, 2014 update

We have added new structres and scenery for the open house on Sunday.
factory at the port

welding shop

houses in Lincoln

Lincoln street corner

Crafty Beaver

small wedding at the little white church

sand tower

water tower

B&O, what?

water tower at Jutland

barge docked at Heron's Landing

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tuesday night at the Huff & Puff

Will have to come up with a newtitle for these updates. Work is being done on other days to get ready for the open houe on Oct 19th. Asection of the mainline was lifted to remove a dip and two yard tracks were instaled at the same time. Fences were installed around the junk yard, elevator, and lumber yard. A couple of new buildings were added as well as more rolling stock. Scenic details were added here and there,it's amazing how they bring the layout alive. In the middle of all this, many trains were run.
Cliff runs his train on the lower level main

fence for the lumber yard

ice blocks on the icing platform

train approaches Jutland station

Don runs the first train through Miller

tank cars for the refinery

Jm switches the Port

work train at Lincoln for mainline repairs

Ralph and Bill check out a locomotive

Trent admires his new train

Bill added a depot to the refinery

cutting up a log

Cliff's junk yard takes shape

main repaired and two yard tracks installed

adding scenery behind the roundhouse

Monday, October 6, 2014

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

Beside some cleaning and a new yard in Lincoln, most members ran trains.
new ore train

just made it through

Rod is quite happy with his train

through the cut to Wellington

new work shed

Wellington yard

a new yard for Lincoln

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thuesday night at the Huff and Puff

Wiring on the branch continues as more people, buildings and scenery are added. Lots of trains were run as well. Here are a few pictures to show the activity.
Cliff's Junk Yard

Bill the butcher, oops

hot dog vendor

new building at Heron,s Landing

Don at work, Rick looks on

Tom checks things out

Jim runs his train through Springbank