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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Aug. 31 at the RHR.

 We have reached a milestone. Except for a small campground, back on a hill and a few clouds, all the layout has had scenery added. So this post will be a few pictures of what it looks like now.

The town of Woodstock. This is actually a continuous running loop from Elsewhere to Wellington. On the left is a freight yard and on the right is a 2 track passenger car storage yard.

The town of Admiral is the end of the branchline. Connected to it is a log loading area. Circling below this town is the middle point loop of the mainline, which is mid way from the Elsewhere and Wellington yards.

This is the town of Fidler on the Elsewhere sub. Standard Tube, Eureka Foundry and Cullen Mills are names of industries once located in Woodstock. Fidler is the name of the street our clubhouse is located on, well with the rerouting of Rathbourne, the section of Fidler we are on, is gone. You see our clubhouse was at one time the Recreation and Dry Canteen building for the Army Camp that was located here before the fairgrounds was built. All of out layout towns are named after streets in town, except for Woodstock and Elsewhere.