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Wednesday, January 19, 2022


 Almost ready to run!

All but the Woodstock loop has been painted an earth brown colour.
Mainline feeders are done
All of the electronics will be checked and running after Jim's Sunday check.
Set out most of the good buildings. Some may need to be moved.
Someone took out the garbage bags, and a lot of boxes broken down and recycled.
Most of the clutter remove from the layout proper.
Cleaning up the tables in the lounge, to be replaced by the fold down, longer ones.
In conversation with Don P. Who has been operating his layout using the simple Set out, pick up cards, with good results. He has about 70 switching spots.
Next week we will be able to at least test run some trains. After that we could start ballasting.
Some buildings need to be repaired
Background needs to be touched up before permanently setting buildings.
More cleanup is needed.