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Monday, December 9, 2013

Grout scenery experiment

I had a part bag of dark brown grout, so I though I would try it for some scenery. First I mixed it about half and half with ready to use drywall compound and added water to make it like soup. Then using old dried up wipes I dipped them into it and applied them to the layout. These went on quite well, blended well, and dried a pleasing light brown. Next I made up straight grout and dipped the wipes into it. The mixture, even though quite soupy, went on the wipes too dry and did not stick to the wipes very well, it was hard to apply to the layout, them did not blend or stick to each other well, seemed to shrink,and dried a dark brown, so I will not try that again.

fifty fifty mixture nice light brown

Straight grout, not suited to this application, although nice rugged texture

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