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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tuesday Night at the Huff and Puff

This was a "lighter" night for members with some away on holidays and others leaving early because of the heat and humidity. However, some work continued and the following pictures show a cross section of the evening's efforts.

This Walthers kit labelled as Schell Industries Limited was put in place near Warwick. The slogan of this Woodstock industry of the 40's and 50's was "Blox Brix Mix". It also involved Schell Transport that carried the cement products around the province and morphed into the present CBM located at the same Woodstock location across Dundas Street East from Home Building Center. A Ready Mix plant is under construction to be placed to the right of the Schell plant.
Here's Cliff and Matt discussing the detailing of the fuel depot that Matt has been installing over the past couple of weeks. It involves bulk tanks, a rail tanker car unloading platform, a tank truck loading platform, the connecting pipes and a warehouse for the bulk petroleum products like barrels, etc. 
This is a closer look at Matt's fuel depot. It includes three horizontal bulk tanks connected with piping to the tanker truck loading platform. The piping seen at the bottom of the closest tank leads off to the tank car unloading platform to the left beyond the picture. The Esso tank truck is an Ulrich Kenworth metal cab and chassis purchased in the mid 60's and fitted with a scratch built tank.

Work continued on the Wellington expansion to the right of the Zorra Cement Plant. Jim is installing a turntable at that location which, when coupled with a roundhouse, will better serve the yard already laid out to the right of this picture
Don and Rick in deep discussion about the next step in scenicking this area of the branch line. Just open the can, pick up the brush and get at it, boys!

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