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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tuesday night at the Huff & Puff

Will have to come up with a newtitle for these updates. Work is being done on other days to get ready for the open houe on Oct 19th. Asection of the mainline was lifted to remove a dip and two yard tracks were instaled at the same time. Fences were installed around the junk yard, elevator, and lumber yard. A couple of new buildings were added as well as more rolling stock. Scenic details were added here and there,it's amazing how they bring the layout alive. In the middle of all this, many trains were run.
Cliff runs his train on the lower level main

fence for the lumber yard

ice blocks on the icing platform

train approaches Jutland station

Don runs the first train through Miller

tank cars for the refinery

Jm switches the Port

work train at Lincoln for mainline repairs

Ralph and Bill check out a locomotive

Trent admires his new train

Bill added a depot to the refinery

cutting up a log

Cliff's junk yard takes shape

main repaired and two yard tracks installed

adding scenery behind the roundhouse

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