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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Easy, weighted lumber loads.

First 11, Wood Strips 1/8 inch square were cut 24 HO scale feet long. Then 14 pieces about 1/4 inches long were cut from the same material.  A 1/8 inch by 1 1/8 inch piece of basswood was cut into 24 HO  scale feet long, 2 are pieces are needed. These were  then notched every 1/8 inch on each end to simulate the ends of a layer of timbers. Glue was applied to 1 side of a solid piece and 2 full length timbers were layed on top separated at each end by 7 short pieces, creating a cavity in the center. Flat lead was then cut to fit in the cavity. Glue was applied and the other solid piece was put on top. To finish the top of the timber pile 9 full pieces were glued on. This was then clamped and left to dry. The sides and top of the pile were also notched with a fine blade on a scroll saw making it look like 2 stacks of 11 X 11 inch timbers 12 feet long. The load was tied on top of a 30 foot flat car with black fishing line.

Various wood pieces and lead cut to fit.

First part of the pocket assembled.

The stack clamped to dry.

Cutting notches on the scroll saw.

Tieing the load on.

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