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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

To do list 2018

Here is a list of things that we should all think about, know about, and discuss the merits of. If you read this blog or attend meetings none of this list will be a surpise to you as they have all been talked about before. Although they are all meant to be improvements it is up to the members to initiate there implementation.

Northdale trackwork,  ongoing.
Springbank team and piggyback tracks, ongoing.
Moving program track to the office.
Rework OLKING Coal,  City Service siding.
Power plant siding.
Ortona turntable.
Adding over center springs to turnouts, ongoing
Elsewhere lighting.
Elsewhere rework.
Rolling stock check.
Lockable shelf repair.
Replace Electrofrog turnout in Wellington yard.

Using train orders.
Setting car cards rules.
Rules for switchers.
Setting rules of branch line trains,  including gravel hoppers.
New Elsewhere operating procedure.

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