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Friday, December 7, 2018

More Friday Fun and Fellowship

After talking at Tuesday night's meeting about increased action on Friday afternoon to decrease the pressure of too many trains trying to run on Tuesday nights, we certainly saw some increased action this afternoon. As usual, Tom was patiently waiting when I arrived just a tad late after lunch. With him were Jan and Jim Post and their grandson. Jan had heard my spiel at Learning Unlimited and had suggested she would like to bring her grandson up when he was next in town. Garner is into N scale and has a small layout at home. I gave him a quick lesson about my Digitrax controller, linked him to Mike Lafond's 2-8-0 and to a staged train in Wellington when Don Pearce arrived. So I delegated him to supervise Garner as he set off to switch [Thanks, Don]. Then I gave the Post grand parents  a tour of the layout. As that concluded, Eileen Hammerton arrived with Murray, her son [and a former student] who is undergoing a bone marrow transplant which involves significant pain. Eileen phoned me some time ago about bringing Murray up as she thought it would interest him and take his mind off his condition. She is 90, by the way, and navigates our stairs better than most of us. They both enjoyed their tour immensely. Jim Long came along and had locomotive frustrations which kept him from running. By this time, Tom had Garner running his train [thanks Tom] while Don restaged his train in Elsewhere. [Don says your locomotive operated very well, Mike, which is why I was planning to try it since I did a bit of CV shuffling on it recently]. It turned out Tom and Jim Post worked together at Fisher Control so they had a good jaw over that. Jan Post and Eileen Hammerton know each other so it was like old home week. Tom presented Garner with a thick hard cover ailroad book and he departed with a huge smile and great memories. Eventually, everybody departed except Don Pearce and I when Mayor Trevor Birtch happened along so he got a quick tour and said he'd be back with his kids on a future Friday afternoon.

Now who needs publicity!!!  

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