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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

Well the end is in sight, at least for the mainline. The benchwork for the lower mainline was installed with temporary bracing. Once the correct grade, 2% or less, is established the bracing will be made permanent. We have a run of about 20' and a rise of 3" so that would be under 2%. That works out to about a 1 inch rise in 6 1/2'. We also want there to be a difference in elevation in between each of the 3 levels, in this area, to help visually separate them. This may require that the grade changes throughout the run of each line. Once the correct grade is established the roadbed and track can be added and wired in, thus completing the mainline and trains can run again, WOO, WOO!
Work on the branchline can continue while people are running on the mainline as it is on separate feeders, although the ability to use the branchline through Lincoln will not be available while soldering or ballasting is in progress.
Hard to see the new benchwork as it is only 6" or less for most of it's length. The large area in the foreground is for the sawmill. It may be big enough to hold the gravel dock also, maybe more. I want to see if the gravel dock will fit, running from the bottom right of the picture, at an angle across the table through the tape measure and bottle of screws, with the water to the left of it.
Some of the background was also replaced.
Joseph installed the new power cord and power supply under Herons Landing.

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