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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ore train

The branch line yard at Lincoln which holds about 24 cars, is the limiting factor for the total number of cars on the ore train.  Therefore we should have 24 ore cars loaded and 24 empty, someday. The yard at the ore mine has the capacity to hold at least 24 ore cars. The ore train will be assembled at Lincoln and run east bound to Elsewhere where the empties will be picked up and run west bound to the Lincoln yard.
The Lincoln yard is for ore car storage until there are 24 cars sent over the car float. 
Like the coal drag this train will be run with a train order only.

Note! This has now changed due to the new track joining the island to Miller. This train will now be run from Ortona to Elsewhere and not held at the Interchange, freeing up needed space for the increased traffic the new industries on the branch will create.
When the Ore Train, Train Order Card is selected, the operator will use the 2 Ore Train RS3
Ore Train leaving Ortona

Ore Train east bound to Elsewhere
 engines in the Ortona Yard.  The full Ore Train will leave the Ore Yard at Ortona, and enter the mainline at Lincoln, heading east to Elsewhere. At Elsewhere, the engines and caboose will be run around the train for its return trip.  The Train Order Card is returned to the back of the deck.  Later, when the return Train Order Card is picked, the Ore Train will be run from Elsewhere back to Ortona, where the engines and caboose will be run around the unit train.  The Train Order Card is returned to the back of the deck, in time sequence.  As this is a unit train, no car cards are needed.

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