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Friday, December 5, 2014

Dec. 5, 2014 update

grass strip airport being added

changing switch locations in Lincoln

reworking switches at Zorra cement plant

The turnout to the branch line at Miller has been causing us problems so we decided to move it so that there would not be 3 switches in a row. Another problem are the turnouts for the cement plant. They are too high to reach for many of use so they will be converted to remote control. We are also planning to add a manual turntable on top of a swing bridge connecting to a new track to the island part of the branch line. This is still in the planning stage so more on that later, but the small turntable will be removed from Miller and replaced by at least one industry. A car card routing system is almost complete, almost 200 car cards made up with as many waybills to fill them. Glen is building a card rack to hold the cards and the cards need to be checked against the rolling stock to verify the information and add any cards that have been missed. There have been some changes to the railroad to make the car card system work. One example is the elimination of the yard in Herons Landing as the system will not allow for yards between Elsewhere and Wellington. This yard has been converted to one track for storage of a passenger train and 2 tracks for Coastal Oil.

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