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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Special Card Card examples

Example one.  The left card ROAD NAME  S.R.L.  (SWIFT)
                                             CAR NO.  1861 
                                              TYPE         R 

The left waybill (Deliver side)  CAR TYPE  R
                                                    CITY          LINCOLN
                                                    IND.            HILLCREST PACKERS
                                                    VIA            UNION ICE 
So with the left card set, a Refer. is to be delivered to Lincoln's Hillcrest Packers. But because it is an old type it needs to be iced, therefore it will be first delivered to Union Ice.  The card set will be held at Union Ice on a hook until the next freight can deliver it to Hillcrest Packers.  That freight will take the card set to their destination yard and flip over the waybill to PICKUP and put the card set into the yard card rack, at the back.

The right hand card set is different.  ROAD NAME  B&O
                                                           CAR NO.          829039
                                                           TYPE               HM        
                                                                HIGH CUBE SAWDUST

The right hand waybill (Pickup side)  CAR TYPE   HM
                                                             CITY             HERONS LANDING
                                                             IND.              WOOD MOSAIC
                                                                 HIGH CUBE SAWDUST

In the right hand example a special car, a high cube sawdust hopper is to be picked  up at Wood Mosaic in Herons Landing.  When arriving at the destination yard the waybill will be removed and put into the R (refer) slot, and the car card will be put into the yard card rack, at the back.

You will also notice that pink is to highlight that the waybill is for a pick up.  The blue is for special routing.  And the yellow is for special cars, and the car type is followed with a M. for miscellaneous.  In this way you should always have a car card with blue, and a waybill with blue, or a card car with yellow and a waybill with yellow.

Most car cards and waybills will not have blue or yellow on them. Also, the pick up and deliver sides, of the waybills,  will have the same information.

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  1. Thank you very much for a learning two years. After 20 years in boxes in the basement I set up and am running a train around the Christmas tree. Many thanks for your tips, patience and shared knowledge about model railroading. Rod Blonde