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Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Town of Wellington

concept drawing

building at left could be painted and used as Whitelaws
Using the foam blocks Don brought in as the foundation, a flat tier would be built behind the station. It would run back to the rock wall (view block), and taper down to the track level at the east end. The road bridge which  crosses over the tracks at the west end, and acts as a view block for the hole in the backdrop, would go through town and continue down hill and curve around to the station. As seen from the concept drawing, at track level, there would be a hotel next to the station and a small industry past that. On the upper level there would be a row of stores, behind the road, hiding some of the rock wall. A house overlooks the road down to the station. Behind the station would be Whitelaws and a yellow brick house that acts as the Vets office next to Whitelaws.  A store or 2 would be to the east of that. The tier adds visual interest, hides the incomplete back of the station, closes the gap below the rock wall and allows for the highway bridge at the west end.

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  1. Hey! Looks like it's all coming together nicely, guys. Even the "incomplete" station has been taken into consideration. Can't wait to get back into action. Lots of big BNSF stuff through Montana and North Dakota. Glen in Alexandria, Minnesota Saturday night due home Monday.