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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Yard Work on Tuesday Night

With Spring comes the need to do yard work and perhaps that is what happened on the most recent Tuesday night at the layout. Jim L is back from the south and enjoys switching with his heavyweight diesels in the upper Wellington yard. Trent, lounging in the chair, continued his daytime coop-ed placement with Ontario Southern switching the Woodstock CP yard by serving as yardmaster at the lower level Elsewhere Yard. Both set up trains to go for other mem-bers and take over arriving trains such as the one Don S and Doug
are bringing into the upper yard. This practice is to speed up train service and stop yard congestion. Behind the phographer, Larry is switching the Lincoln yard.  

Meanwhile, Don P. is happy to finish off his wood re-taining wall project made necessary by moving the main rail line out of Lincoln. This required that the road seen above the retaining wall run along the banking to a crossing point rather than come straight down the bank as before. It made the road angle more realistic as well. On-going projects like this add visual interest to the layout, 

This is the town area for Wellington that is another on-going project. The Zorra Cement plant was placed here originally but was difficult to access so was a better location. The Wellington station was relocated here and passenger train tracks added so it was a natural to have the town situation nearby. Cami would call this kaizan or continuous improvement. We call it fun and interesting things to do to the layout. The end result is the same. 

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