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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Casual Friday at the Layout

Summer seems to have bypassed spring this time and, as of the last Friday in May, it was necessary to break out the fans and set the thermostat on Cool. Despite temperatures out-
side exceeding 85F [we're too old for Celsius], the air circu-
lation by the fans kept Glen, Don W and Jim L from sweating unduly.

 Maybe another reason, we didn't sweat was the casual running we enjoy on the quiet Friday afternoons as com-
pared with the somewaht organized chaos of our Tues-
day night sessions with many more members and guests jockeying for position in aisles that we would have made wider if we had only known. Don W. is running obviously stressfree here between Lincoln and Springbank.

Jim L. decided to test the pulling power of one of his locomotives 
and it spun out on the Tom Smith grade in the tunnel. Being the gentleman that he is, Don W eased his passenger consist up behind Jim's caboose and boosted him up into Spring-bank.  

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