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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Meeting Night

Mike brought in his 3d printed truck for a garden railroad coach he is building
The club now has 26 members, will try and get a short bio from each one soon. The need for a controller plug on the center of the fascia in front of Springbank was discussed. If you loose control of your engine you have to go to one end or the other to plug in. Sounds like a good idea. All of the quantities of rolling stock on the cards were reduced to 3 or less, and new, coloured cards will be made for the branch line to help keep them separate. The operation of the branch was also talked about, there is a need to make sure everyone knows how it operates. Discussion about changes to Wellington are ongoing. One idea is to lower Wellington 3 inches below the upper mainline and raise the lower mainline to connect to it instead of Elsewhere. Elsewhere would be narrowed to the front 3 tracks, maybe for the ore train and a passenger train. The yard in Wellington would be enlarged or maybe have 2 yards there. Some or all of the industries would be removed.
meeting started by Don sitting behind our new coffee table, thank you Larry

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