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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wellington Rework

With the new year approaching there has been some talk about the Wellington rework project. I proposed raising the track to Elsewhere and lowering the track to Wellington and combining both towns into one. this would help with the congestion in the main aisle as only 2 operators need to be there at any one time. Mike handed in a idea based on the above idea, but keeping both towns separate but on the same level, each with it's own turntable.

I'm wondering if 1 turntable could service both yards?
This was the first time I had run in a while so I jumped in as the switcher at Lincoln. There were 2 full trains worth of cars there? If no one is switching Lincoln, each operator should do his own switching there, so why all the rolling stock there? After fixing a problem with a turnout for the coal mine I noticed there was 7 hoppers there? If the largest quantity for hoppers to the coal mine is 3 and you remove all the rolling stock there when you deliver your hoppers, how could there be 7 hoppers there? Remember you remove ALL rolling stock from a siding you deliver cars to, no matter what the quantity is on your delivery card.

I see 2 advantages to Mike's plan. First it puts people working the 2 areas at either end of the aisle. Second having Elsewhere at the far end, it allows for a longer approaching grade.

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