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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Log train

Log train.
The log train will be limited to 6 short log cars. This is because there is no run arounds on the line to the spar tree and the tail 
track at Oxford is only long enough to hold 1 engine and 6 log cars. Right now we only have 8 log cars which make 2 trains
of 4 cars each. One train is left at the spar tree and the other is at the log pond at the sawmill.

The log train run will start by bringing a suitable engine to Miller and coupling onto the log cars at the sawmill. Backing out of
the siding and pushing the log cars through Northdale, and up the logging siding to the switch back at Oxford. They will then
be pulled up the hill to the switch back at Pinehurst. The log cars are then pushed up the hill to Ridgewood and spotted under 
the spar tree, on the empty siding. The return trip is the reverse of the above run.

In real life the log cars would always be uphill of the engine. We could put in a run around at Pinehurst. Then the log cars
would be run around in Miller and then again in Pinehurst so that the log cars would be uphill of the engine, on the long 
climb or descent between Oxford and Pinehurst. On the trip back to Miller, the log cars could be run around in Northdale.
To add to the realism we could have 1 set of log cars empty and 5 finger switch them between sessions. A test run of empty
log cars would be necessary, and is it worth the extra work? 

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