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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Club Guidelines

Welcome to the Woodstock Model Railroad Club Aka The Huff and Puff

Guidelines for personal conduct and operation of the layout.

Politeness and consideration for other members is mandatory, remember this should be fun for all.

We have monthly meetings, on the first Tuesday of the month, to discuss anything about railroading, or the club that may come up. This is also a work night to maintain and improve our layout.
Tools and supplies are either the clubs or belong to 1 of the Members, do not take them home. Theft or deliberate damage to the premises, layout or rolling stock will not be tolerated.

Our layout is in a working factory, with a keyed access (held by Larry Brinker or Glen McDonald). Only use the club areas and refrain from wandering in other areas. The factory or owner has no liability for any injuries or loss you may suffer. Help keep our areas neat and tidy. The  lights should be turned off and the doors must be locked and checked, when we leave. 

New members will be voted in.  A new member must be  head height of the lower track level.
Membership is on a yearly basis, starting January 1st of every year. Members who join after
April 1st can have their fee pro-rated. If a member quits the club, no rebate will be available.
If, after a discussion of inappropriate conduct and a majority vote, a member is asked to leave 
the club, a pro-rated refund will be given.

You will be responsible to maintain your own engine and rolling stock.  It is not fair that 
equipment that is not maintained constantly interrupts operation sessions and the enjoyment 
of others. When running a train, it is your responsibility to ensure that the track ahead is clear,
before leaving one town for the next. All trains will be run with care and at a reasonable speed
to avoid collisions or damage to the layout or property of others.

They do not follow proper etiquette.
Guests are the responsibility of the member that brought them. Guests can be asked to leave if

The theme of this CP/CN layout is the steam/diesel era. It is designed to be a small, rural 
railroad, running short trains with age appropriate rolling stock.

The layout is operated using a simple card system, please ask about it so you can become
 familiar with how it works. The towns on the layout are named and arranged alphabetically 
from east to west, from Elsewhere to Wellington. Knowing where the towns are will help you 
enjoy operating sessions.

Please check out our blog, (www, you can comment on the blog, or send 
articles to is an important platform to discuss new ideas and keep up to 
date on the layout.

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