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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Elsewhere changes

As discussed at the meeting sometime in the future we will make some changes to the Elsewhere yard.  We all know that because of the length of the tracks, the rolling stock at the end of the yard never gets used. So the idea is to cut the yard in half and move the turntable under the one in Wellington, as shown in the illustration below. Interestingly the old arrangement had 3 storage tracks 10 feet long and the new arrangement has 9 storage tracks 5 feet long so we gain 15 feet of storage.


Above  I have shown different ideas for the approach area. The program track will be in the office. We can use the turntable as 1 track of the run around, or add a run around, we could loose 1 yard track to be used a run around, that's up for discussion.  With 9 storage tracks we can put 1 type of rolling stock on each track as in Wellington. Ideas welcome. It would be nice to keep part of the present run around to stage and outbound train.

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