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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sequential deliveries.

Here is an idea to ponder. A long time ago Mike talked to me about the fact that with our card system we never pickup and deliver anything. At the time I didn't think it would be possible, but let's take a look. Say your train is leaving Wellington, 1 card is to deliver a box car to Hayes Co. which will delivered there and all cars will be picked up there as usual. The next card of our 2 card allotment is for 3 tank cars to Shell Oil in Springbank. And 3 tank cars are in your train, but next the dispatcher also includes a card for 3 tank cars to Coastal Oil in Herons Landing, but these cars are not in your train. The process will go like this. You have left Wellington with 3 empty tank cars for Shell Oil in Springbank. You drop off the empty cars and pickup any loaded cars there, filling out the requirements of the first card. When you arrive in Herons Landing you drop off the loaded tank cars and pickup the empty cars there, filling out the requirements of the second card. These cars are then delivered to Elsewhere. The operator now has a sense of completing an actual task. This double move fits flawlessly into our card system, the guy who designed it is brilliant, lol. This double move could be used for other paired industries as long as their siding capacity is the same.

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