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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Captive Branch line Freight

Hear is an idea to get the branch line matched up with the no switching Elsewhere proposal. It also allows for switching in both directions and eliminates the confusion about branch line switching. First of all McKay Fuels, Wood Mosaic and Jackson Transfer become part of the branch line switching route, in other words not switched by the mainline. Then 3 branch line trains are set up in Elsewhere. Train A leaves Elsewhere with 4 box cars and 3 coal hoppers. The first card is for 2 box cars to Jackson Transfer, after switching 2 box cars for the others there, the train goes and switches 2 box cars at the Northdale Pier per the second card. Turning the engine on the wye, if necessary, it then switches the coal dock in Miller as stated on the third card. On the way back to Elsewhere it again switches the box cars at Jackson Transfer per the first card. Train B leaves Elsewhere with 3 coal hoppers, 1 box car and 2 short flats. The first card requires switching flats and a box car at Wood Mosaic. Arriving in  Miller the hoppers are switched at O. King Coal and the flats and box car at the sawmill mill. These flats and box car will be switched at Wood Mosaic before returning to Elsewhere.  Train C has 4 tank cars and 2 box cars. This time the box cars are switched between Jackson Transfer and Northdale Freight, both ways and the tank cars at City Service and McKay Fuels in both directions. This will tie up 16 box cars, 12 coal hoppers, 6 short flats cars, and 6 tank cars. Since this is means 3 Elsewhere yard tracks are only holding 19 cars the other 4 mainline trains should have at least 6 cars each for 43 in total. This would also mean that the switcher in Elsewhere can not switch Jackson Transfer or Wood Mosaic,  if 1 is assigned. The train order and cards remain with these trains, eliminating the need for branch line card boxes. Possibly train order cards can be developed that include the switching details, maybe on the flip side.

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