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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Elsewhere train staging yards.

If the members decide to go with the no switching in the Elsewhere yard  idea of Don's we would need to accommodate about the same total number of cars in Elsewhere, or about 54 cars. That would require 8 tracks 6 feet long, which would hold 9 cars and a caboose each. With 1 track always open for an arriving train, we would have 7 tracks each holding 9 cars for a total of 63 cars.

The above image shows the changes in the right drawing. The bottom yard of 4 tracks is connected to the back track of the present run around and is double ended to provide an escape route for engines to the turntable.  The top yard is fed by the present front track of the run around and also has 4 storage tracks plus the extra back one being the escape track from the turntable, in effect making it double ended also. Note the program track is removed (to be located in the office). There is no need for a caboose track. The long lead to the top yard could be used as an engine loading track by gapping it.

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