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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

We had a donation of magazines from Gary, thank you, so the lounge was a buzz with people checking out the new reading material.
Trains were also moving. Glen seemed to be as busy replacing faulty rolling stock for repair as he was running his train. A big thanks for his ongoing efforts to get our rolling stock all up to snuff.
All of the time, planning, thought, and work that went into the Elsewhere changes seem to have paid off. With at least 9 staged trains at the ready when we start a session, trains move out quickly. The simple concept of rerunning trains with the same consists out of Elsewhere and sometimes out of Wellington keeps things moving. Our operators who have been running, all seem to have grasped the effect on our operations that the yard changes in Elsewhere have made, mainly no switching in Elsewhere. I'm sure as we all get familiar with this concept new and better ideas will arise.
Below we see Tom switching in Lincoln and Donald's train running past the harbour cargo yard.

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