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Monday, September 2, 2019

To Do List

-Install lower mainline between Jutland and Lincoln. Turnout connecting the branchline to lower mainline needs to be part of this installation, don't forget it needs a gap on the diverging track and the branch line. The turnout to the gravel dock needs to be installed also.
-push test cars through new track work.
- add feeders and bus wires to new track work.
- make sure the turnouts connecting the branchline back to the mainline in front of Hillcrest Packers are gapped.
-Make sure feeders on the branchline where it loops around Lincoln are disconnected from the mainline bus for Lincoln.
-power up the system to check for shorts and that the boosters are wired correctly.
- drop all the curtains.
-test run some trains.
- Replace buildings on the mainline and any sidings to them, e.g.. La France and Union Ice.
- add scenery and ballast where needed.

                                 WHATS NEXT?
-do we have enough 2 x 4s for the branchline tables?
- add background behind coal mine.
-plywood for the track to the gravel dock needs to be cut out and raised.
- the corner in this area needs to be prepared for the fascia.
-level the plywood in the sawmill area and cut out the log pond.
-If we have leftover backgrounds, should we replace Elsewhere's?
-figure out the location for the ore mine, possibly before the curve into Ortona, freeing up Ortona for a good sized yard, and more flexibility in branchline operations.
- should we build a turntable at the end of Ortona like, but smaller than the 1 in Elsewhere?
- put in a new plywood top at Ortona.
- build new benchwork between Ortona and Lincoln and between Lincoln and Lakeview.
-locate the stream course from the spar tree.
-continue design and installation of the new branchline.

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