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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Friday fun

Glen tried out a static grass applicator. The park with his wire tree has a fine grass application, where as the areas below are a courser product. Be sure to check it out at Northdale.

 Donald started ballasting the Ortona yard, Tom added more, and Glen glued it down.
Glen added and painted the side of the hill on the logging spur. With the occasional shout out, "Larry M. Could you please make a piece to plug this hole?" Larry has been the go to guy for cutting odd ball pieces to fit in here or there. He also said he may go up and finish the last section of fascia.
Rob has taken up residence in the trestle area. Fitting in rock, which Glen then mugs in. Rob also glued down the trestle and tracked it. Yes the logging spur is completely tracked and wired.
I finished putting track in the sawmill area and wired it up. Some ballasting and scenery were also completed. Scenery behind the sawmill has to be completed before it can be installed.
On Tuesday we will test run the branchline after some track cleaning. Then we will start on a general clean up, as all the sawing and drilling will be completed.
Well MIKE, the final tests of YOUR idea, exciting eh!
So what's left?
Lots of cleaning.
Lots of scenery.
Lots of Facia painting.
Lots of sorting and storing tools, scenery material, wood, and wire.
Lots of garbage removal.
Lots of curtains to be hung.
Lots of enjoyment of what we have accomplished. Thanks to all.
Our biggest and longest project since the original construction. Hmmmm, what's next?

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