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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

The next 2 weeks the Tuesday night meeting will be on Monday night.

Lots of goodies, thanks Rick and Glen. I guess the statement "behind every good man, there is a good woman " applies here.

The area under Ortona has been reworked by Larry to hold the vacuum cleaner, extension cords and tools. He had also, previously build a sliding box for extra track.

Glen has been putting in extra hours adding scenery to the new areas of the layout. All the trackwork is now operational, but it needs to be cleaned in some areas, and some turnouts need over center springs and adjustments.

All the rockwork in the spar tree is completed. The wood retaining wall slides up for access to the tunnel. Removable log loads are stored at the end of the spar tree siding. Also note the 2 bears, lazer printed by Dave, in the mouth of the cave, unpainted as yet.
Dave also printed and painted a log unloader for the sawmill.
Elsewhere now has a background of building flats, as does Ortona

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