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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Tuesday Night NOT at the Layout Again

What does one do in their self isolation situation?  First off, most model railroaders had stuff set aside that they always intend to build "some day". Some of the previous blogs are an example of that while others are simply showing projects already completed for home layouts so that the rest of us can see them. 
I am having fun setting up dioramas that show off some recent projects completed that will be going to the club layout as I don't have a real home layout any more. The left picture is showing some Rusty Stumps benches and Osborne picnic tables that have been sitting around too long. Both are laser cut wood kits that make up quickly and look good. The trees are from Woodland Scenic kits with both plastic and metal trunks and branches.
The right picture showcases a Sylvan kit of a 1957 General American Aerocoach tour bus that I drove around Canada and the USA as a 19 year old. The kit is painted exactly like the original including the name that I added in 1957. It was powered by an International Red Diamond 450 gas engine hooked to a 5 speed backward shifting transmission. The speedometer cable ran front to back and was usually broken which resulted in being clocked at over 80 mph near Windsor, fortunately by a friendly car driver at a rest stop. Trees are again Woodland Scenics.  

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