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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Move meeting


We made the first big decision, the layout is shut down. The tear down has started in earnest.

We had Don S. Tell us about what we know for sure about the Wallace building and a few of us will be going up to check it out. We will also take detailed measurements, and give anyone who wants, a floor plan. We can then start planing, with Don P., Mike L. And me tasked with planning. I do not think this should stop anyone else from coming up with a new track plan.

Some suggestions/requests were tabled all ready. Even though it was nice to see everyone joining in, with about 18 people there, it was sometimes hard to keep up with all the conversations.

1. We will need a 1 month overlap in both places for moving all the material, hopefully scrapping unnecessary stuff before we go. The target date is October.

2. Adopt Don P. and Jim F. Idea of a bus wire channel, in the front of each deck. Keeping all the soldering to the bus wires out in the open.

3. Strict adherence to keep the decks in sections so the layout can be taken down in sections next time. This does not mean each section will be the same dimensions, but they will be of a easily moveable size. Not sure but I guess there would be a definite joint in the deck, wiring, track and backdrop. All the joints will be a pain, but I guess it is the prudent way to go.

4. Rick O. Suggested he would like to have a space for a 4 x 8 layout, separate from the main layout. This could be used to run DC equipment and as a kids display if we have open houses. This was thought to be a good idea if there is room for it. We also need room for a lounge.

5. The main DCC control electronics should be easy to get at to work on, maybe on a roll out cart or shelf.

6. We may have to work on the lighting, but that is an unknown until we see it when it is dark out.

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