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Friday, August 14, 2020

Things to think about.

 Things to think about if we rebuild.

Single deck or double deck layout. (If like our "single " deck we could put another deck over it creating 3 runs.)
Lighting lower deck
Supporting upper deck
Build in sections
Road bed, 1 foot square or 2 foot x 4 foot ceiling tiles, Styrofoam, other

Single or double mainline
Branch lines
Multiple railroads, interchanging with each other, or single railroad
Helix with storage tracks, or long grades to change levels
Point to point or oval or dog bone, (ours is loop to loop/point to point)
Siding/train length(ours is 6.5 feet. )
In/out industries. (Coal/power plt., gravel/cement)

Card system
Delivery requirements, switch like for like, trains remain intact, one card to hold, as now.
Cards for each type of rolling stock, pulling all cars from industries, several cards to hold, as before (automatically corrects switch mistakes).

A channel for all bus wires in the front of the benchwork. (Easy soldering to bus wires)
Number of quad units.
Each bus run identified and separate from each other.
Use different feeder wire colours like orange/green, blue/white.

Lounge area and how big/seating
Locked tool/equipment/programing room, (we have a door.)
Blog, Facebook group or other platform
New name?

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