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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Layout Demolition & Destination

Larry and Rob masked and at work taking the current layout apart on September 4, salvaging what they can for a planned move to a new location in the midst of a pandemic. The layout was initially stripped of buildings, trees, train cars, vehicles, track, control units, wiring, etc.with everything boxed up for future use. 

Another view where the former branch line and peninsula location of Lincoln stood. Some of the backdrops are standing vertically at the left side of the photo after being removed from the wall framing in the background. 

One more view of another layout area being removed bit by bit and things being boxed up before the table structures are removed board by board and sorted. Some of the layout wiring is shown at the bottom left to be reused after being pulled out through holes in the cross  pieces under the tabletops.

The second floor of the building on the left is to hopefully be the new layout home. As club members were meeting to discuss some of the details for setting up the new layout, word was received that the barn immediately behind the W.B.Wallace building was burning down as the photo shows. The Wallace building survived with some damage and we do not know if or when we will be able to locate there.

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