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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Wallace building.

 Although our move is on hold until we hear the status of the Wallace building after the fire, I would like to update what we have planned so far.

After some discussion on the benchwork layout and style, this is what we have so far. Benches will be mostly 2 x 6 feet, some may be 8 feet long, some may be much shorter. Theses tables will be made of 1 x 4 lumber topped with thin plywood, or paneling, and blue board. These will be supported with 2 x 4 legs. At the north, lounge, end there will be an area of benchwork designed to allow for a 4' x 8' table to roll underneath it. Aisles are mostly 3 feet wide and you will be able to follow your train as it circumvents the layout.

The bottom of this plan is the north or lounge end. The reason this plan was considered the best is because it gave us about the longest mainline possible and aisles that exit at opposite ends, helping limit congestion. The long bench on the right hand of this plan is thought to be the best location for our main yard. This yard will most likely be both ends of the mainline, which would allow for both point to point or continuous running. There has also been some planning done on having a return loop at each end of the mainline ( just before entering the main yard) to allow trains to run in the opposite direction back to the main yard (where they left) thus making the route twice as long.

But all these plans depend on the outcome of the damage investigation to the Wallace building. We are all hoping for the best.

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