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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Tuesday night at the RHR.

The blitz was on. Kitchen area was tidied up, after the DC, display HO layout was installed. An  8 x 2 foot N scale railroad will be built next.

 With a group working together, another quad unit was wired up, and feeder wires were added to most of the east wall peninsula, but not attached to the bus wire. We are concentrating our efforts to get the east side of the central peninsula and the east wall peninsula all wired in. This would mean that we have 7 blocks wire up, so we can then test the track out.

Tatham had a new, team track/piggyback ramp, added, and Country Feed and Seed was located on the other track. We talked about adding a dummy turnout and 2 diamonds across the mainline, to enhance the look of the Springbank interchange.  With a new turnout, to replace a damaged one, on hand, the Elsewhere yard trackwork was worked on.

Not to be left out, scenic elements around other parts of the railroad were also worked on. More plaster was applied, on the hills between Springbank and Sunset. Foam boards were selected to elevate the town of Lincoln, creating not only a view block but
 also a scenic focal point.

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