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Monday, February 3, 2014

DCC Throttles

This is a list of throttles that can be used on our layout.  They can be broken down into two types, utility or advanced, and within these types, you can get walk around (tethered) or radio (we will not be using infra-red, in my understanding).  A word of warning about the advanced type, if not careful you can programme the whole layout ( yes it does happen) with a push of the wrong button, and therefore not the preferred type for everyday use.
Advanced types.
DT100 was the original programming type and are no longer sold.
DT400 super walk around (tethered) throttle. This is mainly used to programme engines and is quite large and complicated.  The club already has one so none of use need to spend $180.00 on one.
DT400R radio version of the DT400 and lists at $230.00, not a requirement for our layout.
Utility types
UT1 tethered throttle with only 2 digit address ability. Can be used with an engine programmed with a two digit address. Don't think this is sold anymore, but if you have one, it could be used.
UT4 tethered throttle with 4 digit address. List price is $80.00 . Can be used on our layout but restricts not only the user but also others trying to get around you.
UT4R radio throttle with 4 digit address.  List is $130.00 and is highly recommend as the throttle of choice.
The above is posted for information only, for each member to make their own choice of the throttle they want to use, and should not be construed as forcing the use of any particular throttle. Remember to let Don know what throttle you may want to buy for our first order.






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