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Friday, February 28, 2014

Group Input

A few of us were looking at an oil loading platform setup that John had completed. It was noted that it was too bad that the actual loading areas were so close together. It was suggested he move a ladder from one end, add it to the other end, and turn that section around to separate them a little, a lot of work.  Another idea was to separate the two platforms, easy enough, but it might look odd.  Then Jim says, in a matter of fact tone, "just turn both of them around so the steps are in the middle" hum, I might not have though of that.  This is the true value of a club, group input of ideas.  Carrying this even further, the kit was Jim's dads, but reassembled by John and critiqued by the rest of us, lol.

two cars could not be loaded at the same time

now the loading areas are further apart

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