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Friday, March 28, 2014

Adding Animals to the Champion Packing Plant

It didn't seem right to have Champion Packing Company without the source of their revenue stream, especially since there were four carcasses hanging on the front rail. Hence there was a need for some 1:87 scale [H.O. in model rail terms] animals to place on the ramp from the stockyards up to the second floor killing area of the plant. What to use??? Fortunately, I recently went in to the Eurocan store on Dundas Street, next to Union Burger to look at the small stock of 1:87 mainly European vehicles he currently carries. When lo and behold, I spotted an 8pak of 1:87 Holstein cows in varying positions on a shelf behind the counter. They are a Dutch product from Globe and cost $7.99 + tax.  So I purchased several packages and had to do some surgery to the Holsteins`udders to transgender them using my bandsaw into steers. I then repainted the animals brown with white markings from the tradition Holstein black and white. They were then glued as a disorganized herd going up the ramp into the packing plant. Just another little trick to make a model scene seems more realistic.

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