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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tuesday night at the Huff & Puff

More track was ballasted on the main and branch line. A group of members was formed to made up some trees, more on that later. The yard at Lincoln was spiked down and wired.  Rock and wall castings are being applied in a few areas and more land formations are developing. In one area, to get away from the table top effect, a section of ceiling tile and the plywood under it was cut away and lowered. This may be developed into a swamp or rural area later on.  Rock castings were added in the quarry area. Jim's technique to apply rocks involves fitting two sections together and refining the mating edges by running a hacksaw blade between them to remove material until the two section fit.  He then glues them in with construction adhesive. Plaster will be added to blend the joints.  Meanwhile Glen changes from rock formations to a thinner block stone wall, because this section narrows down. Small pieces of rock and a lot of plaster, bridges the transition area.  Another stream area is added further down this line, at the other end of the block stone wall.  This will again help diversify the look of this long, narrow, straight length of track. Even though this is a small stream it will require the addition of four bridges and a culvert.
Area lowered to add scenic intrest

construction adhesive used to hold large rock pieces

changing from rocks to a stone wall

small stream being added

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