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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tuesday Night at the Huff & Puff

Even though we were missing a few members, a lot got done.  Cable for the DCC system arrived, runs were pulled and some of the plugs were installed.  Glen brought in the completed meat packing plant, looks impressive, in fact it was so large we had to move the Hay factory over to make room for it.  Scenic details like grass and shrubs continue to be added to the branch line.  A whole forest grew up around Miller and buildings were put into position.  The look that this town is located in a backwoods area is what was strived for and achieved. Roads were finished and vehicles are already trying them out. The sawmill still needs to be set into place and the log pond and log ramp will then be worked on. Trent finished up the plaster base on Trent's Hill and positioned a few buildings, he proudly showed off the layout and his work to his parents.  He even started a rustic path, up to the jigger shack, using old ties as steps, nice touch.

Spool of cable for the DCC system
Jim works on the DCC plugs

Hay Co. moved over for the meat packing plant

Scenic details at Miller

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