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Thursday, April 10, 2014

An AHA moment!

An AHA moment! 

Larry and I [Glen] got caught up on making streams for bridges along the front of the layout near Valleyview one recent Tuesday night. One of us, probably Larry, thought we should have a culvert coming out of an upper portion behind one set of bridges, thus creating the need for the bridges. I went home thinking about what to use for a culvert and, as I save most things that look like they could be useful, spied some hollow plastic tubes from fax machine rolls. AHA! A section of this could possibly make a pretty good culvert. I have a 10" metal lathe in my basement so I chucked up a short piece of the tube and cut grooves on the one end to simulate the culvert corrugations. Then I used a round needle file to round out the grooves. One could likely use a drill press and a regular round file toward the smaller end and get a similar result or use a triangular needle file. A shot of aluminum paint and some rust paint to simulate weathering and we had our culvert. Now to get it installed.

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