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Friday, April 18, 2014

Quarry update

Jim and Don have put in a lot of time on adding scenery to this area.  To start this story we had a rock wall from a previous layout, just to nice not to use, and it was a perfect fit for our quarry. It not only acts as the back of the quarry, but supports the upper level behind it, the location of our cement plant.  The only problem is that we do not have a mold of the unique rock work on this wall, well not the only problem.  The upper loop of track now needed some logical support system. Part of the trestle from the above mentioned layout supports the track over the entrance to the quarry (this was a S scale layout so the bridge timbers are very substantial for HO but it fit in.) The rest of the track is supported on a long narrow peninsula of rock, apparently the rock has been quarried up to the right of way, that's our story and we're sticking to it. A long rounded hill was added to the raw top of the wall. This now acts as a view block and softens the top of the wall. It was painted and dusted with grass.  A steep hill was added to one end of the wall. The other end had its own problems.  A hill was made to blend the wall, the top of the wall, the trestle, the backdrop it attaches to, Trent's hill, the lower level and two tunnel portals at different levels. That was even hard to say.  Now someone has to paint all the rock faces to match the quarry wall and then Glen can put in his gravel plant.
original wall section

wall section and hill above it in place

rock wall supporting the upper loop of track

hill added around tunnel portal

hill at the trestle end blending it all together

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