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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tuesday Night at the Huff & Puff

Well the gremlins were at work last night, and they seemed to center their attention on Tate. Every engine he tried gave him problems, but his big smile never left his face. After inching his way out of Wellington I took the third engine he had tried off the track and let him use mine and away he went. Taking that engine back to Wellington the gremlins were still there. Start stop, start stop, something was shorting out the Wellington block. We made sure all the rolling stock was on the track but the problem prevailed. Still having problems with 1 of Don's engines I moved it to the loading track and shut off the power, voila, everything started running. As this engine had recently lost it's sound we suspect it has a short, gremlins gone! The rest of the night was spent running. We then tested out Tate's CSX engine and it ran fine and he went home with a big smile. As we finished up our trains, we started talking about the upcoming work night. Scenery needs to be done in some areas and a general cleanup is needed. Ralph is adding to the ore car fleet, so we need a storage track for half of them at Elsewhere. Replacing the rest of the code 70 track on the branch was talked about, a big job for sure.

 Passenger train rolls over the McDonald River bridge.

Glen test fit the Bay Street Bridge.

flats waiting for loads

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