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Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunday fun.

As Tuesday is a work night, we dug right in, too much to cover in 1 post.  Glen worked on the city scape at Wellington, more on that later. Tom caught up on ballasting. He found several areas around the layout that needed a touch up and some new track work in Wellington. Jim and I leveled the tracks to and from Oxford, 1 by a half an inch. Jim then removed the code 70 track at Ortona as I painted some more of the backdrop at the Northdale wye. Some missing feeders were also connected in this area.  Glen made a new car card box for the branch line and a 2 slot box was put in at Lincoln for inbound and out bound freight. Jobs for Tuesday night, shoveling snow (snow fall warnings), complete the track work to the sanding racks in Wellington, scenic around Heritage Furniture, decide on the Wellington city plan and scenic the area, decide on the Ortona yard layout and install the track, clean the track that was ballasted on Sunday, talk about lowering the work load at Lincoln by pulling some cards, having a person switching Lincoln, using train orders so we run the OTHER trains, 2 person crews for all freight trains, and by having the person switching Lincoln also be in control of  traffic.

Jim adding feeders to the branch line.

Tom ballasting.

Ballasting around La France and Heritage Furniture.

Ortona yard removed.

Tracks to and from Oxford leveled, the front one by more than a half an inch.

 Right and left hand backdrop painting at the wye.

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